Cripta de la Colònia Güell

Cripta de la Colònia Güell

Coloured windows at the Cripta de la Colònia Güell, just outside of Barcelona. Colònia Güell was an artificial community founded in 1890 that combined both living facilities with work in a factory producing textiles. It is an example of social changes at the end of the 19th century that increasingly led to the idea that providing for workers was both a social imperative as well as a means to improve production. The church for the site was designed by Gaudí and constructed between 1898 and 1915 using his trademark style that combines a […]

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Pi d’en Xandri

The Tree at San Cugat de Vallès.

The Pi d’en Xandri, on the edge of the Collserola. The pine tree is more than 240 years old, and has become an important symbol associated with the nearby town of Sant Cugat del Vallès. Leica M7 with 21mm SEM fitted with a dark red filter and shot on Ilford Delta 100.

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Monestir de Sant Cugat

Monestir de Sant Cugat

After marching against the tourists, now we are playing at being tourists ourselves. This is a shot of the monastery (now mostly a museum) in Sant Cugat del Vallès, some 20km outside of Barcelona. Leica M7 with 21mm SEM fitted with a dark red filter and shot on Ilford Delta 100.

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The Fishing Boats at Port Vell, Barcelona

Open House at Port Vell Fishing Harbour, Barcelona.

A short set of image galleries taken at the fishing harbour, Port Vell, Barcelona – click on an image, below, to open the corresponding gallery. Port Vell (the old port) is today mostly known for its shopping centre and luxury yachts. However, sandwiched between the Vela hotel and the Maremagnum there is still a small but important fishing harbour that exists in a bubble of time that has so far remained protected from all the luxury developments around. These photographs were taken during one of many excellent Barcelona 48H Open House sessions, […]

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The Streets of Lahore

The Streets of Lahore

Some shots from the streets of Lahore, inside of the walled city. Finally, somewhere that makes Barcelona look quiet ;-) I really like the disorganised organisation of a South Asian bazaar. Everything happens at the same time at the same place and in some cases seemingly and unseemingly crushing and confronting. Human behaviour at its most raw, unfiltered and unconstrained (or at least so it seems). All this action is accompanied by a strong stimulation of all senses (beyond the visual), noise can be deafening and smells overpowering. However, the […]

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Mughal Lahore

Wazir Khan Mosque, Lahore, Pakistan.

Recently I was in Lahore at the invitation of the Punjab government for an archaeological conference. This was a nice occasion to revisit one of the most beautiful cities in South Asia (well, once you do not focus too much on the engulfing traffic and pollution), which I last saw some 15 years ago. One of the most interesting aspects of the city is its collection of fine Mughal architecture (1524 to 1752). The walled city with the old fort and the many mosques still preserve the flavour of grandeur and refinement for which the Mughal […]

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Cataratas del Iguazú

Cataratas del Iguazú

Another couple of days off from work and a chance to revisit the Cataratas del Iguazú. These amazing waterfalls lie along the border between Brazil and Argentina and are surrounded by a beautiful tropical forest, which in the 19th century once covered almost the entirety of this region. The falls can be visited from both Argentina and Brazil – and  both sides are just awesome. All images were shot with an Olympus E-M10II and 12-50mm kit zoom.

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Sitges – and Lens Cast Corrections in Capture One


A short set of images taken on a walk in Sitges. Shot on digital using a 35mm lens and polarising filter.   Incidentally, the vignetting on some of these images is completely natural, although perhaps exaggerated slightly by the skies and polariser. The lens is a Zeiss ZM 1,4/35 (35mm f1.4), which is nice and small and incredibly sharp, but which pays for that to some extent with dark corners shot wide open – a common problem with Leica lenses shot on digital rather than film. Here is a gratuitous […]

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Catholic Imagery from the Italian Alps

Catholic Images from the Northern Italian Alps

A set of Catholic Images taken from path side shrines and buildings in the northern Italian Alps. These are often found in dedicated stone constructions, built specifically to house frescos, statues and – more recently – photographs of significant relics such as the Turin shroud. There are also numerous painted frescos that adorn the sides of churches and houses. It is tempting to refer to these as “icons“, but I am sternly informed that most Catholics would insist that they are not – even if the depictions and function appear very similar to […]

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Milano 1

Three images from Milan, Italy. These were actually the last before the problems here wiped out all the projects and planned travel for this year. That said I am gradually trying to get back to more focussed work and am now gradually getting through some processing backlog. All three images were taken with the M7 and 50mm C-Sonnar on HP5+ exposed at box speed and developed in HC110 1+63.

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