Dolce Vita

A photo essay contrasting mass tourism in Asturias and Cantabria against city life in the same region. This reflects the growing tensions between increasingly wealthy and mobile tourists and and increasingly impoverished local population that sees little benefit from the tourist industry.

These problems are ultimately due to political failure, excessively favouring low-skill exploitative industries over high-skill, high-income work. A balanced economy should by definition feature a broad range of types of work with social policy to ensure that everyone benefits together. Unfortunately, the political class suffers badly from a lack of experience and often heavily distorted by a mix of career politicians and people with strongly vested interests in political decisions (typically related to the construction and tourist industries).

To rebalance the distortions in society seems likely to be a long term process, requiring a generation to realise cultural change in both the political class and in voters who have difficulty in seeing past immediate difficulties. Unfortunately, the inherent mismatch between the length of the electoral cycle and the timescales for change to take effect mean that there is little prospect of significant change occuring unless the tensions in society reach a breaking point.

Beach, Poo

Tourism, Santillana del Mar

Beach, Santander

Tourism, Santander.

Tourism, Santillana del Mar

Santa María del Naranco

Cat, Cudillero.

Graffiti, Oviedo.

Couple, Oviedo.

Graffiti, Oviedo.

Flats, Santander.

Graffiti, Cantabria.

Wheelchair, Oviedo.

All images shot with the Leica M typ 262 with a mix of 28mm Summicron and 50mm Summilux lenses. The locations used in the series were Santander, Oviedo, Cudillero, Santillana del Mar and Poo.

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