Come Walk With Me…

A short set of images taken around the piers in Brighton, during a rather stormy period. I have been meaning to try to take some pictures of the old piers for some time, although the original intention of making some long exposure sea-scapes was largely thwarted thanks to a slight aversion to the gale-force winds that were seemingly laced with sleet for much of the time…



    • Hi Frank, some of the images have added vignetting, some not. I used two different lenses, sometimes shot stopped down and sometimes wide-open (after finding I otherwise sometimes needed ISO-3200 even in what was supposedly daylight…). One of the lenses in particular produces almost three stops of vignetting wide-open, so I replicated the effect for consistency.

  1. Mark,
    I appreciated your comments to my post on RFF and as a result visited your site here. I enjoyed it very much.
    Sitka, Alaska

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