The Sun Makers

Ad-hoc table and chairs with purple carpet under a bridge in Paris. This is something that I never thought that I would see in a major European city. I first encountered people living in make-shift tents and mini-houses under bridges in Kyoto. In Paris, it seemed that almost every bridge with space housed some temporary shelters, whether made from cardboard or actual tents:

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Love and Monsters

If not the city of death, then surely the city of love! And possibly some monsters too. Some more slightly NSFW and poorly captioned images on this theme after the break. I think that at this point I was giving up trying to make quality pictures and just shooting anything that didn’t move. I was actually hoping to get some street photographs of people kissing, but I think the slight rain meant that there were no opportunities in the short time that we had.

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City of Death

Cheating somewhat, all the following Instagram/phone images this week were shot in Paris. I suspect that Paris has some kind of photographic distortion field that makes it impossible to take uninteresting pictures, even with a phone. This is something that should be easy to test… For reasons that are unclear, all these posts are named after Dr Who serials. City of Death was shot (partly) in Paris, and like the production of these images also featured a lot of fairly aimless running around the streets. I have already given up trying to use WordPress on the phone […]

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Girl in Doorway, Bellagio, Italy. Leica M7 with Zeiss ZM 1.5/50 and Ilford Delta 100 film.

Reflections on a journey with doors and cobbled streets. Taken in Bellagio, Italy and somewhat out of sequence, due to vagaries of processing and scanning… Leica M7 with Zeiss C-Sonnar 50mm and Ilford Delta 100 black and white film processed in HC110.

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Mountain Life

Village Furniture, Sanico, Italy

Still-life, from the Italian Alps. This was taken with Ilford Delta 400 processed in Ilfosol 3. It seems to be marginally sharper than HP5 but otherwise very similar – I think that a lot of the more subtle differences between films (particularly tonality and differences in grain) are lost after scanning and processing digitally. As an aside, you might have noticed that almost all the films we shoot now are from Ilford. Unfortunately, it is becoming harder to find good films at a reasonable price here in Spain. And online prices for […]

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Ghost Town

Ghost Town - Photographs by Mark Moore

A short set of photographs of an abandoned town, a short-lived remnant of western north American gold rush. All except for two images were shot on HP5+ film, with the Zeiss Sonnar 50mm. The remaining images were taken with the Ricoh and processed in Lightroom to try to recreate the Sonnar “look” (in as much as 28mm and 50mm focal lengths can look the same). Aside from adding simulated grain, the Ricoh images needed much reduced overall clarity and contrast, and also a circular graduated clarity filter to further unsharpen the image away […]

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