About Transient Eye

Street Graffiti, Porto, Portugal

Transient Eye is a two-personal (too personal) blog on photography, with occasional reviews and the odd segue in to commentaries on science, culture and society.

It was started to provide a medium in which coherent photographic narratives could be written and presented. The aim is to have more structure and accompanying text than is possible with photography sharing sites such as Flickr and 500px.

The blog name reflects the central contradiction in photography. A process in which only a single transient image is captured from a continuous1 stream of possibilities, and where the partial eye of the photographer dictates what elements are in the frame. In the internet age, everything is transient. We are lucky to be based in Barcelona, one of the most photographically accessible cities in the world, and a place which further embraces the nature of transience and change.

We are both immigrants to Spain, originally from Italy and the UK. This definitely colours our perspective in a world that is increasingly dominated by polarised and extreme modes of political and religious thought – such as that characterised by Trump and Brexit. Between us we have spent many years working in Asia, South America, the US and Europe and we have experience spanning archaeology, physics, social simulation, high technology and venture capital. This inevitably biases how we see the things around us. Perhaps settling in Barcelona was inevitable.

We want to focus on images and ideas rather than equipment or branding. Content, composition and style are what matter most. Many of the best photographs that we have taken were made with compact cameras and old film cameras rather than the latest technology. When we do talk about equipment we hope that we manage to do so both honestly and accurately. And unlike many sites we do not make money from sponsorship or from affiliate links that are connected to what is being discussed.

Lastly, this aims to be a blog for original content. We upload material because we hope that it might be of interest, because it helps us become better photographers and writers, and because we hope that it might help or inspire others to do far greater things than we have the ability or time to achieve ourselves.


The Authors


Marco Madella — Editor in Chief

Marco is an archaeologist by profession and an ICREA research professor. He gets to work in some really cool places like India, Pakistan, South America and Turkey. When not travelling he is based at the UPF in Barcelona. His personal blog is at phytolith.net.


The Photographer In Chief (Mark)

Mark Moore — Editor of the editor in Chief

Mark is an ex-astronomer, entrepreneur and overall photographic geek. When not taking pictures, he occasionally develops software and rides weird bicycles. Although keen on street photography, he is allergic to having his own photograph taken2.



1. Actually, it is currently unclear if time is continuous or discrete. Continuous time is easier mathematically, but discrete, quantised time would make Achilles happier. Though not for the turtle. Or was that a tortoise?

2. In fact there is at least one image of Mark on this site – just do not tell him…

3. Excluding comments and wordpress.com theme material!


A note on copyright

All images and text3 on this site are Copyright (c) by Mark Moore and Marco Madella. We only publish our own original content here, and writing even a short article takes a surprising amount of effort. If you would like to use an image or other material from this site please feel free to contact us.