Salamanca Blue

A short set of images showing a different side to Salamanca, balancing the green and gold posts, and a reminder that even if this is a UNESCO site, it is also a large active city.

These were all shot with a micro 4/3 camera system, and I would defy anyone to get better results from a Leica. In fact, things like focus accuracy and overall image sharpness at slow shutter speeds are reliably better than Leica digital thanks to the fast AF and image stabilisation. The shooting experience may be very different, but there is nothing to complain about the results from modern small-sensored cameras.

This will be the last regular Sunday (digital) colour post, as in keeping with the film shots these too will move to a more random schedule.


  1. Active cities are very interesting to photograph as they make your frames that much more lively. Earlier, I used to make sure that there were no people in my travel pictures, but I’ve come to realize that sticking to those alone was a mistake.