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Mughal Lahore

Capture One 10 Review

The Leica M7 Review

Bubbles – Film Photographs with a Modified 50mm Lens

World Press Photo 2015

#VolemAcollir: Massive Protests in Support of Refugees in Catalunya

Vollem Acollir: Protest in Barcelona in support of refugees

A set of images from #VolemAcollir – an immense protest organised in Barcelona in support of refugees. The main slogan “Prou excuses. Acollim ara” can be translated as “Enough excuses. We welcome now”. This reflects concern that the central Spanish government is not fulfilling its commitments to settling refugees, and also a recent call for Catalunya to provide even more direct support. After enduring months of watching the US and the UK slide into a mire of hard-rightwing xenophobia it is incredibly uplifting to see people here in Catalunya marching in support of […]

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Four Doors

Four Doors - Barcelona Street Art, Glories - Woman with smothered mouth

    Four doors. Four futures. Which will you choose?     Street art and sealed doorways, shot around Sant Martí (Glòries and the warehouse district), and in the Raval, Barcelona. The images are a mix of Leica M 262 with Zeiss ZM 1,5/50 and the Ricoh GR. And almost, but not quite, entirely unconnected with the events of last week in any way whatsoever.

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C/Elizabets, seen from the MACBA, Barcelona

The first of a set of semi-abstract images of the Museu d’ Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA). The museum opened in 1995 and exhibits a wide range of modern artworks. The MACBA is also infamous for being rather more successful as a skateboarding destination – something which sits awkwardly with local residents and is somewhat at odds with the serene modernist architecture originally envisaged by the architect and which invites comparison with the Getty Centre in Los Angeles. But perhaps the architectural connection connection with skateboarding was there from the beginning… Leica M7 […]

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Cripta de la Colònia Güell

Cripta de la Colònia Güell

Coloured windows at the Cripta de la Colònia Güell, just outside of Barcelona. Colònia Güell was an artificial community founded in 1890 that combined both living facilities with work in a factory producing textiles. It is an example of social changes at the end of the 19th century that increasingly led to the idea that providing for workers was both a social imperative as well as a means to improve production. The church for the site was designed by Gaudí and constructed between 1898 and 1915 using his trademark style that combines a […]

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Pi d’en Xandri

The Tree at San Cugat de Vallès.

The Pi d’en Xandri, on the edge of the Collserola. The pine tree is more than 240 years old, and has become an important symbol associated with the nearby town of Sant Cugat del Vallès. Leica M7 with 21mm SEM fitted with a dark red filter and shot on Ilford Delta 100.

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Monestir de Sant Cugat

Monestir de Sant Cugat

After marching against the tourists, now we are playing at being tourists ourselves. This is a shot of the monastery (now mostly a museum) in Sant Cugat del Vallès, some 20km outside of Barcelona. Leica M7 with 21mm SEM fitted with a dark red filter and shot on Ilford Delta 100.

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Barcelona: Tourist Go Home

Tourist Go Home - Protest Sticker, Barcelona

A set of photographs from the Ocupació de les Rambles, Barcelona. This was a citizens protest march which combined a diverse range of groups and issues that affect the lives of ordinary people living in Barcelona today. There were several key issues being protested: the unsustainable level of tourism and its effect on local residents, the cost of property and rents, and forced evictions of people with mortgage arrears. All of these are combining to destroy the quality of life of people living in the city, and indications are that […]

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