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Encants II – El Mercado Ilegal

Mughal Lahore

Capture One 10 Review

The Leica M7 Review

Bubbles – Film Photographs with a Modified 50mm Lens

Torre Glòries, Catalan Independence and the European Medicines Agency

One of the consequences of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union is that it will no longer maintain several key European agencies that are currently located in London. A bidding process has started where cities throughout Europe campaign to host the relocated agencies, with the last nominations on the 31st July and the final decision taken in November 2017. Barcelona is bidding to host the displaced European Medicines Agency (EMA) in the iconic Torre Glòries – a radical change from its current location in Canary Wharf for the approximately […]

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People at Encants market, Barcelona. These are from the last (ever?) roll of Delta 3200, exposed at box speed and processed in ID-11 stock. A number of these were hip (well, chest…) shots taken while moving through the crowds – something that is only possible with a 50mm lens thanks to the high ISO which allows a fast shutter speed while stopped down.

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Barcelona Nights II

The second set of night-time street images taken in Barcelona and shot on high-ISO film. These are images of an illegal street market late at night (around 10pm) at the Rambla del Mar, at the harbour. The sellers are usually illegal immigrants, and most of the goods are fake clones of branded handbags, shoes, sunglasses and Barcelona FC shirts. All images taken with the Leica M7 and Zeiss ZM 1,5/50 with Ilford Delta 3200 metered at EI3200 and processed in ID-11 as if shot at EI6400.

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Barcelona Nights I

The first of two sets of night-time street images taken in Barcelona shot on high-ISO film. The intention was to capture something of the night-time in Barcelona with a vintage-look. Away from the main streets it can be very dark in Barcelona.      All images taken with the Leica M7 and Zeiss ZM 1,5/50 with Ilford Delta 3200 metered at EI1600 and processed in ID-11. The lens was shot wide-open, partly because shutter speed was a problem even at EI1600, but mostly because I really like the glow around […]

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Postcards from Padova

A slideshow of images taken on a recent trip to Padova, Italy. This was not really a photographic trip, although it was a chance to put the M262 (camera, not aircraft) through its paces following the six week long repair in Wetzlar. Padova is a fascinating city that is a microcosm of Italy. There are many contrasts: the old town and new developments, exemplary classical art and modern graffiti, young and old. You could easily spend weeks observing and photographing in this town, and still not run out of new […]

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Salamanca Blue

A short set of images showing a different side to Salamanca, balancing the green and gold posts, and a reminder that even if this is a UNESCO site, it is also a large active city. These were all shot with a micro 4/3 camera system, and I would defy anyone to get better results from a Leica. In fact, things like focus accuracy and overall image sharpness at slow shutter speeds are reliably better than Leica digital thanks to the fast AF and image stabilisation. The shooting experience may be very […]

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Head Space

  For the last month, I have shot a lot of (often dubious quality) test images using Delta 3200 and Delta 400 exposed at EI1600, in an attempt to find a suitable image style for a higher ISO exposure setting than usual. With both films, I like the results best with low light and without a strong contrast filter fitted. The daylight shots are interesting, but I find the darkened skies provided by the red filter just a bit too grainy for my taste. On balance I prefer the pushed Delta 400 to […]

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La Sagrera

Part of the incredibly sad railway building works at La Sagrera, Barcelona (incredibly sad, because as with so many construction projects here, they are currently “paused” thanks to appalling failures in the cost estimates and budgeting). Part of a test series for Ilford Delta 400 pushed to EI3200 in Microphen with one-stop over-exposure. Shot with the M7 and ZM 2/35 in full daylight using a deep red filter. Here the sky is darkened by the red filter, but there seems to be a lot more grain in the sky than I […]

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Salamanca Gold

A short set of images from the church and university buildings at Salamanca. The old part of Salamanca has an astonishingly consistent architectural style, for which it deservedly is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and that style is largely governed by the intersection of Catholicism iconography and the characteristic yellow stone used for many of the older buildings. I am not a great fan of this rather baroque styling, but the light and colours in many of these buildings is astounding.  

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Medium-light (dusk) image shot inside the courtyard of the CCCB, Barcelona. This was taken using the same lens as the previous shots, but this time with a deep red filter fitted. The combination of the filter and the light seems to make the grain more prominent.  I think that the overall image “look” is still quite good, however. Shot with the M7 and ZM 2/35. Ilford Delta 400 exposed at EI1600 and processed for EI3200 in Microphen.

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High contrast illuminated shop sign, shot as part of a test sequence for push-processed Ilford Delta 400. It is a clothing shop, not really a plaza in the American sense :-) Shot with the M7 and ZM 2/35. Ilford Delta 400 exposed at EI1600 and processed for EI3200 in Microphen.

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