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Bubbles – Film Photographs with a Modified 50mm Lens

World Press Photo 2015

Light Leaks and Double Exposures

Capture One Pro 8 Review

Behind the Zoo – Barcelona Street Art

Street Art, Passeig de Circumval·lació, Barcelona

A short selection of images of street art. These are all located on Passeig de Circumval·lació – the rather literally named road that runs around the back of the zoo here in Barcelona. The quality of some the work is incredible, ranging from the Escher-esq gravity defying images of zoo cages through to a sequence of portraits of a woman and baby breast-feeding.

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Industrial building converted to a residence, Margno, Italy.

An old mill (?) which has been restored and converted to apartments in Margno, Italy. It is a beautiful setting, but it reflects the sad trend where in Europe almost seemingly every change is towards property investment, tourism and upmarket coffee shops. Leica M7 with ZM 1,4/35 and yellow filter on Ilford Delta 100 developed in DD-X 1+4 at 24c, with noticeably less grain than the previous HP5+ images.

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If a tree falls…

Falling tree on an alpine trail, Italy.

If a tree falls…?. The first of a new sequence of black-and-white film images, and also a new posting format with daily film shots combined with a longer pieces at the weekend. Taken with the Leica M7 with ZM 1,4/35 and yellow filter on HP5+ developed in HC-110 1+63 at a rather too hot ambient temperature of 27c. While I like the tree, for these images I am not a great fan of the grain that I am getting with this combination of HP5+, developer and temperature. Unfortunately, it is not easy […]

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Barcelona Still?

Barcelona - Still in Colour?

Five images of Barcelona, shot on colour film and developed at home with some rather expired chemicals. These were test images, taken out of curiosity to compare the old Minolta X300 with a cheap 35-70mm f4 zoom against the M7 with the Zeiss 50mm. The only conclusion I can see is that image quality wise, it is almost impossible to tell the zoom images from the prime lens. I also attempted to shoot some street photography with the X300, but this was much less successful than with the Leica thanks to […]

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Gone Hiking…


These were some of the areas that we hiked through to take the photographs in Catholic Imagery from the Italian Alps. Most of these were taken in the stunningly beautiful Val Codera, close to the Italian-Swiss border. A welcome antidote to the current chaos and pollution in Barcelona.

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Catholic Imagery from the Italian Alps

Catholic Images from the Northern Italian Alps

A set of Catholic Images taken from path side shrines and buildings in the northern Italian Alps. These are often found in dedicated stone constructions, built specifically to house frescos, statues and – more recently – photographs of significant relics such as the Turin shroud. There are also numerous painted frescos that adorn the sides of churches and houses. It is tempting to refer to these as “icons“, but I am sternly informed that most Catholics would insist that they are not – even if the depictions and function appear very similar to […]

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Barcelona: Manteros, Tourists and Luxury Yachts

People looking at a luxury yacht behind a security fence, Barceloneta

There are few more poignant symbols of the problems in Barcelona than photographs taken around the newly redeveloped harbour area between Port Vell and Barceloneta. Here, tourists newly disembarked from cruise ships or disgorged from the flood of incoming flights to El Prat walk past rows and rows of “manteros” – illegal immigrants selling fake designer sunglasses, handbags, shoes, hats and numerous other dubious goods. In the background is an exclusive private marina where multi-millionaires dock their luxury yachts. The blankets (mantas) are usually linked to ropes attached at each corner, so […]

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The Leica M7 Review

The Leica M7 - Front View

This is an incredibly late review for the Leica M7, which was released in 2002. Mine is an early version bought second-hand, and I have used it extensively for the last two years over which time I have shoot an average of about one film per week and traveled with it in Europe and the Americas.

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Milano 1

Three images from Milan, Italy. These were actually the last before the problems here wiped out all the projects and planned travel for this year. That said I am gradually trying to get back to more focussed work and am now gradually getting through some processing backlog. All three images were taken with the M7 and 50mm C-Sonnar on HP5+ exposed at box speed and developed in HC110 1+63.

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