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Review: The Leica M typ 262

Torre Glòries, Catalan Independence and the European Medicines Agency

Encants II – El Mercado Ilegal

Mughal Lahore

Bubbles – Film Photographs with a Modified 50mm Lens

The People’s Vote March

London – Saturday 20th October 2018 This was the second major march organised around the Peoples Vote: a call for a second referendum on the terms of Brexit. Almost three quarters of a million people attended – so many that the organisers were overwhelmed by the numbers and Parliament Square was unable to contain everyone. Many of the marchers carried home made banners and placards and they spanned all ages and came from all walks of life – including many from all over Europe who were denied a vote in […]

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Some images of the crane-buildings, constructed along the bank of the Rhine in Köln. The huge 17 story buildings are intended to recall the designs of the old harbour cranes that were here before the port area was redeveloped. The buildings are a mix of offices and residential space which, along with the gorgeous river settings, helps ensure that the area is always lively and interesting to explore.

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Photokina 2018

Photokina is Europe’s largest trade show centred around traditional still-image photography and a photographic gear-lovers paradise. Surprisingly, I have never been to any photographic equipment fair before, so when the opportunity came up to go to Köln this year it was hard to pass up. This is what I found…

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Barcelona Street – Week 1

This is the first of five weekly posts featuring street images take in Barcelona. The idea is to try to improve my street photography my methodologically trying different approaches and subjects. Each week will feature images shot using a  specific camera and lens, with the intention of really deciding what style, medium, focal length and way of shooting seems to work best. At the end I will write a summary of what techniques were used and some of the pros-and-cons. For this week, all the images were shot with the […]

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Unnatural Spaces

A set of photographs taken on walks in the Garraf, a “protected area” between Barcelona and Sitges. The zone is disconcertingly industrial for a natural park, even though (somewhat surprisingly) the area is officially part of the Natura 2000 series of protected green spaces.

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Brexit: The People’s Vote

This is a set of photographs taken at the People’s Vote March in London on 23rd June 2018 – a campaign to call for a public vote on the future relationship between the UK and the EU when the UK leaves on March 29th 2019. This post explains why the People’s Vote is important and why you should sign the petition supporting it.

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Review: The Minolta MD 16mm f2.8 Fish-eye Lens

This is a short user-review of the Minolta MD 16mm f2.8 Fisheye lens, with a selection of images taken using both Minolta film and also Leica digital cameras. This is the first time that I have used a fish-eye lens, with its immense barrel distortion creating unusually distorted images. This particular lens completely fills the full 35mm rectangular frame, with the image diagonal spanning a full 180 degree field of view.

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