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Review: The Leica M typ 262

Torre Glòries, Catalan Independence and the European Medicines Agency

Encants II – El Mercado Ilegal

Mughal Lahore

El Prat

A short set of panoramic black and white film images taken around El Prat, just outside of Barcelona. This is a mainly agricultural area, with many walks that make a nice change from being in the city. All images made with the Horizon panoramic camera, using Delta 100 film.

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State of Disrepair

I have not shot much film this year because my main 35mm film camera, the M7, has been at Leica for a shutter curtain replacement. The camera came back at the start of March, but to my dismay the first films showed a substantial front-focus that was obvious even with subjects many meters away. Rather than endure the six week round trip to Wetlar again, I opted to recalibrate the focus myself. Three test films later and with everything seemingly ok, I then set out to run some tests for […]

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Brexit Metaphors

On Sunday, more than a million people marched in London to protest against the debacle that is the UK’s Brexit process, demanding a referendum on whether or not to proceed with Theresa May’s negotiated exit deal. Unfortunately, I was not able to be there – so this is an alternative photographic commentary on the current state of Brexit and British politics.

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Espai Rural de Gallecs

A short set of landscape images from the Gallecs rural space, just outside of Barcelona. This is a large area which has been preserved as farmland, largely thanks to the efforts of the local population to resist the pressures of urban and industrial development. The freshly ploughed clay soils have an amazingly deep and rich red colour. And lastly, a bonus image of some street art in the underpass connecting the town of Mollet del Vallès to the agricultural lands:  

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Vilanova to Sitges

A set of images on a walk from Vilanova y Geltrú to Sitges in Catalunya. It is an interesting route because you are sandwiched between the coastal railway lines and the sea, and there are no barriers between either of these and you. It is unusual in this hyper-sanitised 21st century to discover that there is nothing to prevent you being run over by a high-speed train or to stop you falling off a cliff: this is not a path for those without common sense. The walk is physically undemanding and […]

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Day Shine

A short set of street images, this time exploring the use of a diffusion filter in bright sunlight. This is a slightly weaker filter than was used for Night Mist, and I prefer the results better. When shot in diffuse daylight the effect is an almost imperceptible loss of contrast, so these shots were specifically shot with as much light and contrast as possible…

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Italy: Wide and Normal

A short selection of images taken while visiting friends and family in Italy over New Year. For some unknown reason, these were all taken using older Zenit film cameras. The first set were shot with the Horizon 202 panoramic camera – a camera that begs to be used but which still needs more time to figure out how to get the most interesting results (compare, for example, the images with massive distortion vs those that look entirely undistorted – the result of simply tilting the camera a few degrees and […]

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Barcelona Colour

A set of colour film images, shot on Kodak Gold 200 and processed at home using the Tetenal ColorTek C41 kit. These were intended to clear the pipeline for a future project, checking both the characteristics of the film and developer, and also the scanning and subsequent colour correction.

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Barcelona at Night

A set of five images shot on film at night in Barcelona. These were shot with 400TX and Delta 400, pushed two stops in DD-X 1+4 as part of a test to get a feel for how the films compare in low light. Overall, the results are very similar (can you tell them apart?) – the Tri-X appears to have slightly better exposure latitude, while the Delta looks finer grained. On balance I prefer the slightly grittier Tri-X, and will try to shoot a series using this next year.

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Stormy Times

A short set of images taken along the seafront in Barcelona shortly after a storm had passed, These were shot with a Minolta X700 and a Tokina 28-70mm objective as part of some tests to select a lens for a future project. I bought the Tokina while a student, thirty years ago, and never really liked the image quality. Wide open it is just soft across the frame and without any real character – it needs to be stopped down to at least f8 to get decent results. Despite this, […]

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