Leica Sync

This is an application for macOS that makes it possible to download images wirelessly from Leica cameras such as the M10 and M10-P that support WiFi connections using the PTP/IP protocol. Given that current Apple laptops no longer have an integrated SD card reader and that the cameras such as the M10 do not have a USB interface you either need to carry a card reader dongle or connect the camera to the laptop wirelessly. This application allows you to do the latter.

The current version of this software supports fast image browsing and download and has a user-interface following a similar design pattern to Safari. The download performance is constrained by the maximum wireless speed supported by the camera, so the application will not replace an SD card reader if you need to transfer thousands of files. It is, however, a useful fallback if you have no card reader available.

The software is provided free of charge but is equally free of warranty: use is at your own risk. If you find any difficulties or problems send me a message and I will see what can be done, but please be aware that I only have access to a Leica M10 at present, and am unable to test the software directly against other camera models.

Leica Sync requires an Apple computer running macOS 10.11 or newer, together with a compatible Leica camera. It was written by myself as a solution to a problem that I had when travelling: it is not endorsed or supported in any way by Leica Camera AG.

Download: Leica Sync 1.4.dmg (macOS disk image, 6.6MB download).


Version History:

Version 1.4 22nd May 2019:

  • Added the “Image Count” display to the Info pop-up window (the ‘i’ icon in the toolbar). This shows the total number of images captured by the camera over its lifetime.

Version 1.3 5th December 2018:

  • Improved connection robustness and initial connection handling.
  • Application notarised by Apple for improved malware protection.

Version 1.2 14th October 2018:

  • Improved connection robustness.
  • Added battery status monitor and other UI enhancements.
  • Allow editing of copyright information (via the Camera Info pop-up).
  • Faster loading of image meta-data and thumbnails.
  • Supports dark and light modes in macOS 10.14.
  • Now supports any Leica camera with PTP/IP support (such as the Leica M10, M10-P as well as other models).
  • Application renamed as “Leica Sync” with new application icon to reflect the changed camera support.

Version 1.1, 30th September 2018:

  • Updated user interface, based on the Safari download model.

Version 1.0, 23rd September 2018:

  • Initial release.


Capture One Scripts

A disk image for macOS computers with AppleScripts that can be used with Capture One 11 or later.

Currently there is only one script, which will scan the current image selection to check for offline images, and copy the file paths for any missing images to the clipboard. This can be helpful to check for any errors after (for example) moving images to a new disk. In theory, the “Folders” panel in CO should show any offline disk directories, but I have had at least one catalogue where there were offline images but no offline folders…

Download: Capture One Scripts.dmg (macOS disk image).