Postcards from Padova

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A slideshow of images taken on a recent trip to Padova, Italy. This was not really a photographic trip, although it was a chance to put the M262 (camera, not aircraft) through its paces following the six week long repair in Wetzlar.

Padova is a fascinating city that is a microcosm of Italy. There are many contrasts: the old town and new developments, exemplary classical art and modern graffiti, young and old. You could easily spend weeks observing and photographing in this town, and still not run out of new things to discover. The selection here was taken mainly from the central area of the town.

The poem shown in one of the images can be loosely translated as:

    Lost Cicadas,
    We sing
    The exuviae that we were.

All images taken with the Leica M 262 and with 50mm Summilux and Zeiss ZM 1,4/35.


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