Salamanca Green

Some images of Ranunculus drawn out in the flow of the Rio Tormes at Salamanca. These were shot from the Roman bridge, using a polarising filter to cut out the reflections from the water and boost the saturation. The 3D-like effect comes from the variation in depth of the plant within the river. We are not entirely sure what the exact plant species is. Some of the white speckles are in reality small white-petaled blossom, but it was difficult to get close enough to inspect the flowers. However, this is almost certainly Ranunculus fluitans, […]

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Sitges – and Lens Cast Corrections in Capture One

A short set of images taken on a walk in Sitges. Shot on digital using a 35mm lens and polarising filter.   Incidentally, the vignetting on some of these images is completely natural, although perhaps exaggerated slightly by the skies and polariser. The lens is a Zeiss ZM 1,4/35 (35mm f1.4), which is nice and small and incredibly sharp, but which pays for that to some extent with dark corners shot wide open – a common problem with Leica lenses shot on digital rather than film. Here is a gratuitous […]

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Week 16 :: Stop

Five loosely connected images taken around the centre of Barcelona. The lead image shows an illegal protest against the “Ley Mordaza” (gagging  law) – more officially and misleadingly titled as the “Ley Orgánica de Protección de la Seguridad Ciudadana” (2015).

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Week 12 :: Espais Naturals

Espais Naturals, Delta de LLobregat, Barcelona

A narrative set of photographs taken on a walk at the Espais Natural along the Llobregat river between Cornellà and El Prat. The green space is very much an afterthought from the planning authorities – it is essentially what is left over after carving out several large motorways, railways, power line systems and the farmland that somehow still manages to survive in this area at the edge of Barcelona. The river is flanked by large artificial embankments (levees) which contain the water when there is heavy rain. There are large areas […]

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Week 9 :: Passing By

Life passing by at Vallvidrera estación de ferrocarril

An odd (and technically prime) number of loosely connected images, all taken in the last week from various walks around the city of Barcelona. I am slipping the timing of these posts progressively to give a bit more margin to process the images from the last week when away from the computer as ongoing trouble here continues to drain time and ensure that good number of weekly images can not be posted at present.

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Week 8 :: Cementerio de Collserola

Cementerio de Collserola, Barcelona, España

Some visual fragments from the Cementerio de Collserola, Barcelona. The cemetery is located right on the outskirts of the city in a densely wooded part of the Collserola near the Ciutat Meridiana at literally the end of the line (metro L11). As with the Montjuïc, there is an eclectic mix of whimsy, sadness, Catholic seriousness and celebration of peoples lives. Here are just five images taken from individual tombs in the cemetery – I may post some photographs from the beautiful surrounding area later in the week.

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Week 7 :: Urbanity

Anti-capitalist protest, Barcelona - GR II processed in Capture One Pro 9.03

More vaguely urban railway themed images and a (sort of) selfie taken on a railway bridge. The protest image is only vaguely connected – it was of an anticapitalist assembly, which is only very loosely linked to the TMB Metro drivers’ strike this coming Monday and Wednesday. The strike coincides with the extremely non-anticapitalist MWC conference – one of the most busy and commercially important events in Barcelona. The drivers are protesting against salary freezes and ever increasing automation, such as the driverless trains seen in last week’s pictures. As before, all five images were shot […]

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