Week 5 :: Mountain View

Barcelona, seen from the MNAC on the Monjuic. Ricoh GR B&W.

Another five images, all from around the Monjuïc, Barcelona, and taken with the Ricoh GR II. Finally, after three months of drought there has been some rain. Real weather with real clouds and wind again.

Las Arenas, seen in reflection from Fira on the Monjuic. Ricoh GR B&W.

Fira on the Monjuic. Ricoh GR B&W.

Torre Calatrava, Barcelona. Ricoh GR II in B&W.

The industrial port, Barcelona. Ricoh GR II, B&W.

And not part of the set, but good advice nonetheless:

Meditation: Inscription on a stone wall, Barcelona.

I am still breaking in the GR II. The image quality is indistinguishable from the previous version (only – fortunately – without the dust and fluff) and the only new feature that I find useful is the now functional high ISO limit when using auto-ISO. Curiously, the new WiFi functionality is helpful in one unexpected way – the antenna bump makes it harder to switch the camera on or off by mistake, which is something that I am inexplicably prone to do.

I do not think that the GR II a worthwhile upgrade from the original GR if you are looking for something “better”. However, it is still arguably the best at what it does and it is the only camera that have bought again after the original failed following a lot of heavy use and travel.

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