Week 7 :: Urbanity

Barcelona Ferrocarril - Ricoh GR II processed in Capture One Pro 9.03

More vaguely urban railway themed images and a (sort of) selfie taken on a railway bridge. The protest image is only vaguely connected – it was of an anticapitalist assembly, which is only very loosely linked to the TMB Metro drivers’ strike this coming Monday and Wednesday. The strike coincides with the extremely non-anticapitalist MWC conference – one of the most busy and commercially important events in Barcelona. The drivers are protesting against salary freezes and ever increasing automation, such as the driverless trains seen in last week’s pictures.

As before, all five images were shot with the excellent Ricoh GR II and processed in the still-to-buggy-to-recommend Capture One Pro 9.03 (two hangs and a crash while trying to process these images!).

This week Ricoh have released new version 5.00 firmware for the GR and also version 2.00 for the GRII. These add support for a new macro conversion lens, some unspecified bug fixes and – on the GR II – some useful tweaks to the already excellent camera handling. While the changes are relatively small, it it is encouraging to see ongoing support for these admittedly niche cameras. Both updates are running fine on our two GRs (even if the original GR is now literally falling apart from use and is now used only when there is a serious risk of damage to the camera – something which fortunately seems to be much diminished recently).

Anti-capitalist protest, Barcelona - GR II processed in Capture One Pro 9.03 Railway Bridge, Barcelona - GR II processed in Capture One Pro 9.03 Railway Bridge and self portrait, Barcelona - GR II processed in Capture One Pro 9.03 Railway, Barcelona - GR II processed in Capture One Pro 9.03

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  1. some lovely photos taken with your Ricoh, with great depth of field , telling a story tool. Throughout history people have been afraid and resisting changes in their lives, often for a good reason.

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