Week 12 :: Espais Naturals

Espais Naturals, Delta de LLobregat, Barcelona - Railway Bridge

A narrative set of photographs taken on a walk at the Espais Natural along the Llobregat river between Cornellà and El Prat. The green space is very much an afterthought from the planning authorities – it is essentially what is left over after carving out several large motorways, railways, power line systems and the farmland that somehow still manages to survive in this area at the edge of Barcelona.

The river is flanked by large artificial embankments (levees) which contain the water when there is heavy rain. There are large areas of reeds and wild vegetation, making this one the Barcelona’s primary areas for wild birds. It is also quite well used by people out cycling and walking, despite being decidedly less green and peaceful (those motorways…) than other nearby spaces such as the Garraf or the hills that bound the inland edge of the city. Curiously, there is even an informal golf course set up on one of the more open areas – no membership required.

The images are visually and thematically linked, and follow a circular sequence that can be followed by clicking here or on the gallery below.

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