Week 6 :: Wormhole

Torrassa Metro Escaleras, Barcelona. Ricoh GR II in Black and White.

With this weeks spectacular announcement of the first ever detection of gravity waves from the merger of two black holes, it seemed appropriate to find some vague link for the next set of photographs. Fortunately, Linea 9 Sud (South) on the Barcelona metro opened just this week, giving an opportunity for exploration of a virtual wormhole (I admit this is a bit tenuous). Currently, only the north and south sections of the line are open, although they will eventually join when the construction is completed. The new line 9 is […]

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Week 4 :: Of Cats and Men

Street Art in the Raval, Barcelona. Ricoh GR, processed to Black and White in Capture One Pro 9.

Another difficult week for photography, so just a few snapshots of street art from around the Raval and also an attempt at motion blur images with the GR. The latter turns out to be much harder than with the film cameras, partly because the Ricoh is so much lighter and partly because of the display blackout while tracking (maybe an external optical finder would work). Unfortunately, still no more film images this week as again the ongoing problems here are continuing to drain huge amounts of time and creative photographic energy. It is […]

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Week 1 :: Shadows

Secrets and Lies - Occupation of our home over Christmas

One benefit of being a street photographer is that creating a photographic record of criminal activity is an instinctive reaction, even if most of the photographs for legal reasons can not be published immediately. These images have been deliberately selected from a few of the more abstract captures this week – caused by an occasional flash misfire or from several attempts to destroy the camera (as in the lead image). The photographs were processed in the frustratingly buggy Capture One Pro 9, and have no content changes or effects other than to obscure facial features in one image below.

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Review: Capture One Pro 8

Capture One Workspace

This is a review of Capture One Pro 8.3.2, specifically from the perspective of a long-time Lightroom user, running Apple’s Mac OS and using several different small cameras (the Canon 5D Mark II and III, Olympus E-M5, Ricoh GR, and various film systems). There is also a brief look at how well Capture One handles RAW compression artefacts from Sony’s new A7R II camera. This is a long post. If you prefer you can jump directly to the conclusion, or to the image processing comparisons with Lightroom. We will also be […]

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Ghost Town

Ghost Town - Photographs by Mark Moore

A short set of photographs of an abandoned town, a short-lived remnant of western north American gold rush. All except for two images were shot on HP5+ film, with the Zeiss Sonnar 50mm. The remaining images were taken with the Ricoh and processed in Lightroom to try to recreate the Sonnar “look” (in as much as 28mm and 50mm focal lengths can look the same). Aside from adding simulated grain, the Ricoh images needed much reduced overall clarity and contrast, and also a circular graduated clarity filter to further unsharpen the image away […]

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Road Trip II: Fruits and Nuts

Road Trip - Photography by Mark Moore

A larger than usual set of images, taken through the passenger window while driving. The images capture snapshots of things which are often passed but seldom visited, showing areas of Native American “reserves”, roadside stalls, advertisements, churches, and the ongoing Californian drought. All the photographs were deliberately taken perpendicular to the roadside, using a fixed 28mm lens. This helps lend some visual consistency that counters the intentionally random and disconnected content. As many of these images do not work well when viewed at a small size, there is a more traditional version of the gallery, with […]

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The Many Faces of Death Valley

Death Valley Sand Dunes

Sand dunes, Salt flats and storms – all within a few hours of passing through Death Valley. We passed through on the way back to San Francisco, and were not quite expecting to see so much variety on the lowest (-86m ASL) and hottest place in the United States. Sunburned and rained on in the same hour. Running somewhat slowly with the post updates at the moment, due to work related travel – and the need to rebuild the computer after a dodgy installation script wiped out permissions and ownership […]

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Hiking in Zion National Park

Zion National Park

A set of photographs taken from a day’s hiking in Zion National Park, Utah. The park is centred around another wonderful water eroded red sandstone valley, cut through the same sedimentary depositions that resulted in both the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon. Ascending from the bottom to the top of these sites you can see more than 200 million years of fascinating geological history (pdf) – as well as the spectacular views. The photograph below shows the trails we followed. We originally intended only to walk to Hidden Canyon, but the route was much easier than expected and so we […]

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Tourists of Bryce

Bryce Canyon Tourism

Tourism in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah. We only had a short stop here – just enough to undertake the Peek-a-Boo trail from Inspiration Point. Oddly this is classified as a “strenuous” hike, although for Europeans used to hiking in the Alps this is actually quite an easy and quick walk. The paths are well made and  maintained, as an essential part of preventing erosion in the fragile park landscape. There seemed to be a trend for tourist coaches unloading passengers at Inspiration Point, who would then walk briefly down and […]

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Grand Canyon

Grand Canon - Aerial View

A short set of slightly abstract images taken from a flight over the Grand Canyon. The aim was to produce images similar to the reliefs seen in an old geography text book. Photographing through a moving airplane window was quite challenging. With a rather tight travel schedule, we chose a late-afternoon flight to try to get some shadow and contrast in the photographs, shooting with a fast shutter speed to compensate for the rather bumpy flight and using careful post processing in Lightroom to handle the atmospheric haze. Framing was challenging, to […]

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