Road Trip II: Fruits and Nuts

Road Trip - Photography by Mark MooreA larger than usual set of images, taken through the passenger window while driving.

The images capture snapshots of things which are often passed but seldom visited, showing areas of Native American “reserves”, roadside stalls, advertisements, churches, and the ongoing Californian drought.

All the photographs were deliberately taken perpendicular to the roadside, using a fixed 28mm lens. This helps lend some visual consistency that counters the intentionally random and disconnected content.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As many of these images do not work well when viewed at a small size, there is a more traditional version of the gallery, with full-size images, after the break.

I was tempted to name this post “Safe at Any Speed” – a reference to a Larry Niven short story about technology progressing to the point where there remains no risk to the user. Shooting a set like this on film would have been extremely challenging, but with any modern camera (in this case a Ricoh GR) it is relatively simple to set a high ISO to avoid camera shake.

And while many of the horizons were tilted – thanks to the very bumpy roads – it takes only a few seconds to correct in software.

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