Progress #2

Newly constructed tower blocks, Sant Martí, Barcelona. Minolta X300 with MD50mm f1.4 on Ilford Delta 400 in ID-11 1+1. Sadly it looks as if the Minolta’s shutter is failing (after 30 years of use…), and many of the images on the roll were unusable.

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Encants III – Architecture in Blue

Two short galleries of very different architectural images, taken on a short walk around the area of the Encants market at Glories, Barcelona. The area is undergoing a construction boom at present, with large modern developments for housing of all types, offices, hotels and additional space for schools and universities. Much of this architecture makes a complete break with Barcelona’s historical building styles, adopting a very modern glass-and-steel approach.

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The first of a set of semi-abstract images of the Museu d’ Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA). The museum opened in 1995 and exhibits a wide range of modern artworks. The MACBA is also infamous for being rather more successful as a skateboarding destination – something which sits awkwardly with local residents and is somewhat at odds with the serene modernist architecture originally envisaged by the architect and which invites comparison with the Getty Centre in Los Angeles. But perhaps the architectural connection connection with skateboarding was there from the beginning… Leica M7 […]

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Open House – Arc de Triomf

A short set of photographs taken at and on the Arc de Triomf in Barcelona. This was built in 1888 to support the Exposició Universal de Barcelona (World Fair), and frames the end of a large pedestrian boulevard. The arch is not normally accessible, but this year it was opened to the public as part of the 48H Open House BCN, allowing small groups of people access to the surprisingly roof space.   It is quite an interesting structure, mostly made from simple red bricks with minimalist and simple ornamentation. […]

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Week 10 :: High Rise

High Rise - Architectural Images from around Piazza Gae Aulenti, Milan.

This week, a set of architectural images taken in or around High Rise Piazza Gae Aulenti, Milan (next to the railway station at Porta Garibaldi). All the pictures were taken with the Ricoh GR II. There was a lot of guesswork with these photographs, thanks to the very very bright sunlight and a non-very anti-glare screen protector. The area is an interesting example of trying to undertake practical urban regeneration, with a good mix of living spaces, offices, shops, supermarkets and arts and social venues all within a very short walk. […]

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Week 6 :: Wormhole

Torrassa Metro Escaleras, Barcelona. Ricoh GR II in Black and White.

With this weeks spectacular announcement of the first ever detection of gravity waves from the merger of two black holes, it seemed appropriate to find some vague link for the next set of photographs. Fortunately, Linea 9 Sud (South) on the Barcelona metro opened just this week, giving an opportunity for exploration of a virtual wormhole (I admit this is a bit tenuous). Currently, only the north and south sections of the line are open, although they will eventually join when the construction is completed. The new line 9 is […]

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Bibliothèque nationale de France

Bibliothèque nationale de France, shot on Ilford HP5+.

Amazing wooden decking and some very sharp towers. The architecture is fascinating as it somehow gives the impression of an immense open space, while hiding large sections of the library under your feet. As an aside, maintaining all the wood here in Paris’ notoriously damp climate must be challenging. Shot with the M7 and 50mm on Ilford HP5+ 35mm film and processed in HC110 1+63 (“H”) for 8:30 at 24c. The Zeiss C-Sonnar is a great general purpose lens, but it has a bit too much distortion for these kind of straight-line […]

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