Ocean Beach, San Francisco

Ocean Beach, San Francisco. On a particularly cold and windy day… Finally catching up with the film scanning and post processing. It is somewhat ironic that the film images take much more time and effort in Photoshop than the digital images – largely thanks to patching up scanner dust and defects on the negatives.

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Road Trip II: Fruits and Nuts

Road Trip - Photography by Mark Moore

A larger than usual set of images, taken through the passenger window while driving. The images capture snapshots of things which are often passed but seldom visited, showing areas of Native American “reserves”, roadside stalls, advertisements, churches, and the ongoing Californian drought. All the photographs were deliberately taken perpendicular to the roadside, using a fixed 28mm lens. This helps lend some visual consistency that counters the intentionally random and disconnected content. As many of these images do not work well when viewed at a small size, there is a more traditional version of the gallery, with […]

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Road Trip I

Road Trip

A short set of cinematic style images taken during the driving. Very often we focus so much on the destinations that we miss much of beauty or interest along the journey. The images are all compressed telephoto shots cropped and processed to try to give a cinematic sense of space and other worldliness. The hope was to try to convey the sense of emptiness and scale that pervades much of the United States, away from the densely packed urban and coastal areas.

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The Many Faces of Death Valley

Death Valley Sand Dunes

Sand dunes, Salt flats and storms – all within a few hours of passing through Death Valley. We passed through on the way back to San Francisco, and were not quite expecting to see so much variety on the lowest (-86m ASL) and hottest place in the United States. Sunburned and rained on in the same hour. Running somewhat slowly with the post updates at the moment, due to work related travel – and the need to rebuild the computer after a dodgy installation script wiped out permissions and ownership […]

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Hiking in Zion National Park

Zion National Park

A set of photographs taken from a day’s hiking in Zion National Park, Utah. The park is centred around another wonderful water eroded red sandstone valley, cut through the same sedimentary depositions that resulted in both the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon. Ascending from the bottom to the top of these sites you can see more than 200 million years of fascinating geological history (pdf) – as well as the spectacular views. The photograph below shows the trails we followed. We originally intended only to walk to Hidden Canyon, but the route was much easier than expected and so we […]

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Tourists of Bryce

Bryce Canyon Tourism

Tourism in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah. We only had a short stop here – just enough to undertake the Peek-a-Boo trail from Inspiration Point. Oddly this is classified as a “strenuous” hike, although for Europeans used to hiking in the Alps this is actually quite an easy and quick walk. The paths are well made and  maintained, as an essential part of preventing erosion in the fragile park landscape. There seemed to be a trend for tourist coaches unloading passengers at Inspiration Point, who would then walk briefly down and […]

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Sea of Ice

Snow Ice and Glaciers - Aerial Photography

  A set of shots taken from flight TK79 on its northern route between Istanbul and San Francisco. These photographs were chosen to make a nice contrast with the previous post about the Grand Canyon.   These shots were taken (somewhat obviously) from the plane window while half blinded by the incredible light reflected by this white landscape. These are of northern Canada – just slightly north of the Baffin Bay – on a sunny, and probably warmish day of spring, with the snow and ice pack starting to melt. The glaciers pouring out […]

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Lights and Shadows

Las Vegas Lights and Reflections,

A short collection of abstract city-scape images, making use of  reflections in glass. These were shot with the E-M5 and a 25mm (50mm equivalent) fast prime lens. Surprisingly, these are straight out-of-camera JPEG images. I try to shoot only in RAW, but after picking up the camera in a hurry it was left mis-configured. This very much limits the ability to correct white-balance and apply sensible levels of noise reduction… For counterbalance, there are also some corresponding darker images: Taken together, these pretty much summarise my feelings about Las Vegas: pretty […]

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City V: Skyscraper

Photograph by Mark Moore

There is something very harsh about the Canary Wharf architecture in winter. All of the colour and interest seems to have been driven underground in to the shopping centres, with mostly the industrial scale office blocks above ground – it is an interesting contrast with the more colourful buildings in the new developments around Barcelona (an extreme example being the Torre Agbar).

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City IV: Bridge

Photograph by Mark Moore

Under a bridge near Canary Wharf, London. It was a pretty and cold and grim Saturday, and very dark. Fortunately it seems possible to hold the Leica steady enough for some relatively slow exposures, despite the lack of image-stabilisation or other fancy features (get off my lawn!).

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