Sotto Valsassina

Barrite Mine at Cortabbio, Valsassina, Italy

Barite mine at Cortabbio (Primaluna), which is literally almost underneath the previous photographs.

This is now out of use and just figuring out some means of opening to the public as a museum. Click below for the full gallery and more information…

For less than 10 euros you can spend an hour and a half with a 2km guided tour of the more accessible parts of the mine, showing how the minerals were excavated and removed, and also some of the history of mining in the area:

Check the website at for bookings, as they are not open every day and the number of entries is very limited.

All photographs shown here were taken with the Olympus E-M5 and Panasonic 20mm f1.7, which worked really well thanks to the sealing and image stabilisation. It is probably better not to take a larger camera as the access to the caverns at the end entails climbing up some narrow shafts (with ladders).


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