Sofia I

Photograph of Sofia, Bulgaria., taken with the Leica M7, Zeiss 2/35 and Ilford HP5+.

While running around to try to repair the camera, I have been catching up with the scanning and processing of some sets of photographs taken at the end of last year. This is the first of a short sequence of black-and-white film (HP5+) images, taken just before Christmas in Sofia, Bulgaria. This was a working trip, and something of a disaster photographically. One mis-loaded film meant loosing most of a day of images (grumble grumble superior Leica engineering…), while the second film was partly destroyed after opening the camera before rewinding the […]

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Hotel Relicario

Plant life around Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, Brazil

To finish off the sequence “Relics”, some photographs and information about the hotel and surrounding area where the pictures were taken. Unusually, we have a mix of colour, black-and-white, digital and film images all shown together – reflecting the diverse photographic subject matter in this area. The Hotel Relicário is a strange place. The lasting impression is of a mountain refuge crossed with an antiques museum. It is one of the most unique places that we have ever visited, and one of the few that we would without reservation (or possibly with) return […]

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Relics IV

Hotel Relicario, Minas Gerais

  Abandoned chair with writing desk and cabinet. Taken with the Lecia M7 with Zeiss 2/35 and Ilford HP5+. The light was very low and it was quite difficult to hold the camera steady while trying also to get the framing in a rather confined space.

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Relics I: Gateway

Hotel Relicario. Leica M7 with Ilford HP5+ and Zeiss ZM 2/35.

  I am still catching up with the film processing and scanning. This is the first in a series of images all taken of or around abandoned buildings at the astonishing Hotel Relicário, in Minas Gerais. We will write more about the hotel specifically later on. All the photographs in this series were taken with the Leica M7, Zeiss ZM 2/35 and Ilford HP5+ (the last roll I had left on this trip).

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