Passerelle Simone-de-Beauvoir, Paris. Shot with a Leica M7, Zeiss ZM 1.5/50mm C-Sonnar and Ilford HP5+.

The Passerelle Simone-de-Beauvoir, Paris. The same bridge as the lead photo in the previous post, but taken facing in the opposite direction, and using a film camera rather than a phone.

Not withstanding compositional differences, whether or not the film images are better or worse than their phone equivalents is really a matter of taste – all that you can really say is that they are different.

I started shooting film last year to help make the photographic process more deliberate and considered, and to a certain extent I think that this has worked. But there have also been some unexpected side-effects, such as an appreciation for the consistency that comes from shooting a limited focal range in black and white, and also a much reduced obsession over image quality (well, at least a bit). 

And, FWIW, I prefer the phone versions of this image, which I think were better composed. But this does seem an appropriate lead into a new sequence of film photographs…


  1. Interesting stuff, if you had not told me how you created the photo but just asked me to guess,..I would not have known the answer and it would have been a guess. Looking forward to your next shots.

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