Basilica di San Giacomo, Bellagio, Italy

Basilica di San Giacomo, Bellagio, Italy.


    • Pretty much the entire area around Lago do Como is very beautiful. A few towns (particularly Bellagio) have become excessively distorted by tourism, but if you just explore a little away from the obvious tourist hotspots you will stumble over many fantastic and largely unknown places. Lots of great hikes and scenery too.

      • Thank you so much! Planning a little trip to Italy in the upcoming years and Lake Como and the surrounding region is where I want to set up camp

  1. The way you have gently merged the monochrome with the noise grains is amazing. Your work is beautiful. I follow your work because I am deeply inspired by Ansel Adams and I have written in detail about my love for black and white on my blog. Keep up the amazing work!!

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