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Like Tears in Rain

And so ends 2016, one of the worst years we have ever witnessed.  Ok, so the photograph does not have so much as a dove, but a pigeon. But the reference(s) seemed apt nonetheless. This year has seen the death of a long time friend, the threat of an end to our life here in Barcelona thanks to a post-truth xenophobic brexiting UK, and since Christmas day 2015 the robbing and subsequent occupation of our house in Barcelona – still unresolved a year later (and I can not even post any of […]

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Winter Garden

A short set of images taken at the Jardí Botànic Històric on the Monjuïc, Barcelona. This particular garden was originally established in the 1930’s by recycling constructions from the 1929 World Fair, before the what is later creation of what is now the main botanic garden in 1999.  The garden is quite small and shady (never a bad thing given the summer environment here), and is notable for its collection of medicinal plants.  

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