In Between

Street stall at night, La Rambla.

A mix of images shot on Delta 400 film in Barcelona. These are the “in-between” shots – images taken in between more deliberate work and which lack any deliberate attempt at narrative.

I seem to accumulate a lot of these kind of shots, and I never really know what to do with them…

Barcelona in the rain.

Mercat dels Encants, Barcelona.

Mercat dels Encants, Barcelona.

Building, Poble Nou, Barcelona.

Street scene, Barcelona.

Independence hand.

Barcelona in the rain.

Barcelona in the rain.

All photographs shot with the M7 with Ilford Delta 400 shot at box speed. Processed in DD-X 1+4.


  1. I’ll be honest, as far as in-between shots go, the only composition that doesn’t shout at me is #3. Every other frame is a really strong, narrative composition! These are superb and you are absolutely right to share them here. Post saved! Love these! (I wish my inbetweenies were this good! 🙄😁)

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