Stormy Times


Stormy weather, Barcelona.

A short set of images taken along the seafront in Barcelona shortly after a storm had passed,

These were shot with a Minolta X700 and a Tokina 28-70mm objective as part of some tests to select a lens for a future project. I bought the Tokina while a student, thirty years ago, and never really liked the image quality. Wide open it is just soft across the frame and without any real character – it needs to be stopped down to at least f8 to get decent results. Despite this, the zoom range is very practical and as a documentary lens with a semi-macro capability it works quite well – so long as you have good light or a fast film.


The Beach, Barcelona. The tractors are trying to reconstruct the sandy areas after losses during a storm. Beach erosion is a continuous problem in Barcelona, and the constant work to rebuild the beaches is one of the city’s guilty ecological secrets.


Beach scene, Barcelona.


Surfers, Barcelona.

Sea front

The sea front, Barcelona.

And lastly a couple of bonus beach-side images taken with the Horizon 202 – because it is just such a fun camera to shoot with!


Sculpture, Barceloneta.


Seafront, Barceloneta.

All images were shot as usual on Ilford Delta 400 and processed in DD-X 1+4.

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