Abstracted bridge architecture, Paris. Photoshop composite of a black-and-white film image.

Trying something slightly different, with some architectural images shot on film and then modified in Photoshop. All of the grainy reality of film, only without the reality… The first of the set is an old cliché, but fun nonetheless.

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Bibliothèque nationale de France

Bibliothèque nationale de France, shot on Ilford HP5+.

Amazing wooden decking and some very sharp towers. The architecture is fascinating as it somehow gives the impression of an immense open space, while hiding large sections of the library under your feet. As an aside, maintaining all the wood here in Paris’ notoriously damp climate must be challenging. Shot with the M7 and 50mm on Ilford HP5+ 35mm film and processed in HC110 1+63 (“H”) for 8:30 at 24c. The Zeiss C-Sonnar is a great general purpose lens, but it has a bit too much distortion for these kind of straight-line […]

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  The Passerelle Simone-de-Beauvoir, Paris. The same bridge as the lead photo in the previous post, but taken facing in the opposite direction, and using a film camera rather than a phone. Not withstanding compositional differences, whether or not the film images are better or worse than their phone equivalents is really a matter of taste – all that you can really say is that they are different. I started shooting film last year to help make the photographic process more deliberate and considered, and to a certain extent I […]

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Light reflecting on water, Lago di Como, Italy. Leica M7, Zieiss C-Sonnar ZM 1.5/50, Ilford Delta 100

Landscape (lakescape?), shot on Lago di Como, Italy. The ghostly halos around the reflections are the rendering from the Zeiss C-Sonnar lens, which was used here with a stack of ND filters to allow it to be used nearly wide open while not burning a hole in the M7’s shutter curtain… Shot on Delta 100, processed in HC110 at box speed.

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Girl in Doorway, Bellagio, Italy. Leica M7 with Zeiss ZM 1.5/50 and Ilford Delta 100 film.

Reflections on a journey with doors and cobbled streets. Taken in Bellagio, Italy and somewhat out of sequence, due to vagaries of processing and scanning… Leica M7 with Zeiss C-Sonnar 50mm and Ilford Delta 100 black and white film processed in HC110.

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Queremos Dormir

Protest banners about late night noise from tourists in Barceloneta

Banners on apartments, protesting against the all-night noise from tourists in Barceloneta. It is a problem pretty much everywhere now in Barcelona, making it very difficult to live in the city. And quite literally, the blog is going to sleep for a while as we recover from the heat and tourists…

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EMMSA – Española de Montajes Metálicos, S.A.

EMMSA Redundancy Protest Posters, Barcelona

One of many silent redundancy protests in Barcelona – this one against layoffs without pay by EMMSA. These kind of scenes seem to be getting worse in recent months, with numerous businesses closing (not least the Lauren cinema at Plaça de la Universitat, and probably we will soon see the closure of Fotoprix). Protest banners have become so common that for many people here they have become just another piece of urban visual noise to ignore, much like the advertisements and graffiti throughout the city.

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