Queremos Dormir

Protest banners about late night noise from tourists in Barceloneta

Banners on apartments, protesting against the all-night noise from tourists in Barceloneta. It is a problem pretty much everywhere now in Barcelona, making it very difficult to live in the city.

And quite literally, the blog is going to sleep for a while as we recover from the heat and tourists…


  1. How horrid that must be..I savour silence..and sure even in nature it can be noisy..birds, especially crows, rooks and pheasants.
    I only ever experience true silence and that is in the desert..fabulous!, I therefore understand your stress…the heat has been unpleasant for you and many places this year too. Hmmmmm…makes you wonder.

    • Ah, well we have run away to the mountains for a bit. Barcelona has become quite difficult for the residents – many of the central barrios have poster campaigns from the city council asking people to be quiet, but of course the loudest most drunk tourists do not pay any attention…