Barcelona Still?

Five images of Barcelona, shot on colour film and developed at home with some rather expired chemicals. These were test images, taken out of curiosity to compare the old Minolta X300 with a cheap 35-70mm f4 zoom against the M7 with the Zeiss 50mm. The only conclusion I can see is that image quality wise, it is almost impossible to tell the zoom images from the prime lens. I also attempted to shoot some street photography with the X300, but this was much less successful than with the Leica thanks to […]

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Three images from Milan, Italy. These were actually the last before the problems here wiped out all the projects and planned travel for this year. That said I am gradually trying to get back to more focussed work and am now gradually getting through some processing backlog. All three images were taken with the M7 and 50mm C-Sonnar on HP5+ exposed at box speed and developed in HC110 1+63.

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Wine Tasting in Barcelona

Some shots from a wine tasting event at Passeig de Lluis Companys during the Mercé, in Barcelona. Here you can by a set of tickets which can then be exchanged for glasses of wine from many excellent local producers. However, given the quantities of wine being tasted (see above…) I think that it is more accurate to see the event as a kind of giant open-air wine bar… The photographs were all shot on HP5+ 35mm film, pushed two stops to ISO 1600 by processing in Kodak HC-110 1+31 (Dilution B) for 6:45 at […]

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Heat Haze

People on La Rambla, Barcelona - Motion Blurred Film Photography

Another of the more abstract long-exposure motion images, this from La Rambla. This is Ilford HP5+, with an exposure of (probably) 1/4s at f16 with a stack of ND filters to cut down the light. This will be the last new film upload for a while, as it has now become too hot here to process sensibly. The last two films were processed at an ambient temperature of 28c, which is making the developing times too short even with very dilute chemicals – this  at 8am with the AC running at full power…

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Racing Rollerskaters at the Fiesta Mayor en el Raval, Rambla del Raval, Barcelona – Motion Blurred Film Photography

Speed-skaters racing at the Fiesta Mayor en el Raval, Barcelona. Once a year the roads around the Rambla del Raval are closed to make a mini-racetrack for skating. The skaters are astonishingly quick, and faster than most cyclists along these roads. I really like the character of these deliberately unsharp images – something about the film grain seems to work very well with the blurred backgrounds and slightly abstract subjects.

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Cementiri de Montjuïc

Cementiri de Montjuïc / Monjuic Cemetery - Barcelona

A few images of the cemetery on the Monjuïc, Barcelona, taken last weekend at the Barcelona photowalk. These were shot on HP5+ film. Unfortunately, the developing did not go well, as it appears that the developer has asphyxiated (or, more correctly, oxidised) from two weeks of storage in the 30c+ temperatures here. The result was a set of very very underdeveloped negatives, and it was surprising that there was anything salvageable from the scans. The underdevelopment caused two problems: (i) very low contrast negatives, and (ii) soft, almost grainless images. Surprisingly, you can pull […]

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Tourist Snap

Tourist Snap - Barcelona

  Barcelona is one of the most photographed cities in the world, where anyone can take a picture and even the bars are even going so far as to put logos and banners to suggest taking a picture from a certain vantage point. Because people can not make that judgement for themselves? Walking back this evening through the Parc de la Ciutadella, every time that I raised the camera and took a photograph it seemed there was a tourist with a cellphone or Rebel DSLR watching who decided that whatever I […]

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