Blur - fast cyclist on Las Ramblas, Barcelona - Black and White Film Photograph

  Las Ramblas, Barcelona. Ilford Delta 100, processed in Ilfosol 3 1+14 for 4:30 at 26c. The exposure was about 1/5 second, panning rapidly with a 50mm lens. I would bet that Tsipras and Varoufakis feel like this today…

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Rooftops II

Rooftops and Mountains , Sanico, Italy

Ilford Delta 100 in Ilfosol 3 1+14 for 4:30 at 26c. Taken with a Lecia M7 and Zeiss C-Sonnar 50mm f1.5. [Edit] As an aside, I have a equivalent image of this scene taken with the Olympus E-M5 and Panasonic 25mm f1.4 (a lens which has some connection with Leica, but which is nonetheless made by a company better known for its vacuum cleaners…). The u4/3 camera was shot at ISO 200 with a roughly equivalent aperture of f4, vs f8 on the Leica: In comparison, the digital image completely blows away […]

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Film Scanning: Epson v850 Flatbed vs DSLR

Chiesa de Mornica

A quick and dirty comparison of scanning a roll of Delta 100 film with a DSLR (a Canon 5D Mark III using the Canon 100mm macro lens) and en Epson v850 flatbed scanner. The Delta 100 was chosen as it is a very fine grained and sharp film. It was processed in Ilfosol 3 1+4 (unfortunately at a very warm 26 degrees, which meant only a 4:30 developing time). Three scans were made and normalised to 4800 DPI by upscaling in Photoshop using Bicubic Smoother: Canon: single image at f14, […]

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Besos de Barcelona

Barcelona - Migrants

Migrants selling handbags, jewellery and selfie sticks, Rambla del Mar, Barcelona. The writing roughly translates as: With kisses I understand But sometimes not The interrupted sleep Migration is not a crime (I would be interested if anyone can more accurately translate “la duermevelas”).  

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Mountain Life

Village Furniture, Sanico, Italy

Still-life, from the Italian Alps. This was taken with Ilford Delta 400 processed in Ilfosol 3. It seems to be marginally sharper than HP5 but otherwise very similar – I think that a lot of the more subtle differences between films (particularly tonality and differences in grain) are lost after scanning and processing digitally. As an aside, you might have noticed that almost all the films we shoot now are from Ilford. Unfortunately, it is becoming harder to find good films at a reasonable price here in Spain. And online prices for […]

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Ilford SFX200 Infrared Sensitive Film

Four People on a Mountain, Il Giumello, Italy

Some shots from a test roll of Ilford SFX200. This is a specialised black and white film with extended infrared sensitivity. The film is interesting in that it can be used to shoot fairly conventional images, while use of red and infrared filters can produce very exaggerated effects on sky and foliage. The above image was shot in daylight with a dark-red filter. The sky and foliage (both foreground and on the distant mountains) have come out very dark compared to the people and stoney path that they are sitting alongside. I […]

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First Experiences of Developing Black and White Film

Barcelona SOS - Black and White Film Photograph

  After much trepidation, I finally processed a set of films at home – and surprisingly, they seem to have come out reasonably well. These were all taken using Ilford HP5+ and the Zeiss Sonnar lens (the softness in the first shot is from shooting the lens wide-open with a ND filter stack – not the processing!). I expected that the most difficult part would be loading the film in to the spiral and tank. This has to be done in complete dark, and I used a large bag rather […]

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