Wine Tasting in Barcelona


Some shots from a wine tasting event at Passeig de Lluis Companys during the Mercé, in Barcelona. Here you can by a set of tickets which can then be exchanged for glasses of wine from many excellent local producers. However, given the quantities of wine being tasted (see above…) I think that it is more accurate to see the event as a kind of giant open-air wine bar…

The photographs were all shot on HP5+ 35mm film, pushed two stops to ISO 1600 by processing in Kodak HC-110 1+31 (Dilution B) for 6:45 at 26c (ambient). After processing, the films were scanned and converted to RGB TIFF format before importing to Capture One for final edits. This is my first attempt at push processing, and although the images have much more grain than usual, the results are still very usable.

It is surprisingly liberating to suddenly have two stops more speed, making it viable to keep shooting at dusk and after sun-down.

Despite this, wine and photography inevitably do not mix well and by the end, everything seems a blur…

Motion blue film image, Barcelona. Transient eye syndrome in the making...

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