Racing Rollerskaters at the Fiesta Mayor del Raval, Rambla del Raval, Barcelona – Motion Blurred Film Photography

Speed-skaters racing at the Fiesta Mayor en el Raval, Barcelona. Once a year the roads around the Rambla del Raval are closed to make a mini-racetrack for skating. The skaters are astonishingly quick, and faster than most cyclists along these roads.

I really like the character of these deliberately unsharp images – something about the film grain seems to work very well with the blurred backgrounds and slightly abstract subjects.


    • Thanks! I think one of the good things about using film is that you pretty much have to learn not to get hung up about pixel peeping – which makes it much easier to experiment…

    • Thanks! I am not sure exactly what this used, but mostly I try to shoot at either 1/4 or 1/8th second. I think that the results are better if it is possible to pan quickly and keep the shutter speed from falling too low, as this help keep the background lines smoother.