A quick set of images of the Walden 7, an innovative high-density housing block in Sant Just Desvern, on the edge of Barcelona. These were taken on the way back from a walk along the hills at the edge of the city, with a conscious detour to see the block that was just possible before heavy thunderstorms arrived.

The block was built in 1987 and contains more than 400 apartments, and it is notable for its complex topology that tries to avoid the usual monolithic and rather soul destroying architecture of conventional tower blocks while still providing high density accommodation. The building was originally fully covered with tiles, but this created a major maintenance headache that lead to a refurbishment using painted rendering in the late 1990s.






  1. Stylish photos and not sure what to say about the flats…nice to look at but to live depends on the quality of built on the inside…noise etc.

  2. this second shot, it looks like I imagine architecture on a different world. Futuristic and ancient at once, it could be built of martian sandstone or a fallen stars iron
    Great shot, thanks!

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