Barcelona Colour

Four random colour scenes of everyday life in Barcelona. Colour shots taken in the market are really painful to edit, as the extremely mixed lighting makes getting anything vaguely approaching acceptable colour painful. I would love to find a practical, efficient strategy to adjust colour for indoor “street” shots that is more effective than the Monte-Carlo method that I currently use…

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Sitges – and Lens Cast Corrections in Capture One

A short set of images taken on a walk in Sitges. Shot on digital using a 35mm lens and polarising filter.   Incidentally, the vignetting on some of these images is completely natural, although perhaps exaggerated slightly by the skies and polariser. The lens is a Zeiss ZM 1,4/35 (35mm f1.4), which is nice and small and incredibly sharp, but which pays for that to some extent with dark corners shot wide open – a common problem with Leica lenses shot on digital rather than film. Here is a gratuitous […]

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The Leica M7 Review

This is an incredibly late review for the Leica M7, which was released in 2002. Mine is an early version bought second-hand, and I have used it extensively for the last two years over which time I have shoot an average of about one film per week and traveled with it in Europe and the Americas.

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Stratford II: Digs

Photography by Mark Moore

The Stratford “ONE” student accommodation building, Westfield Avenue, Stratford. The amount of new building going on in Stratford is astonishing, and it very much follows the standard UK model of replacing older industrial units with expensive residential and shopping developments. Although somewhat architecturally controversial, I think that the building is more interesting for its implicit statement about British society.

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Sofia I

Photograph of Sofia, Bulgaria., taken with the Leica M7, Zeiss 2/35 and Ilford HP5+.

While running around to try to repair the camera, I have been catching up with the scanning and processing of some sets of photographs taken at the end of last year. This is the first of a short sequence of black-and-white film (HP5+) images, taken just before Christmas in Sofia, Bulgaria. This was a working trip, and something of a disaster photographically. One mis-loaded film meant loosing most of a day of images (grumble grumble superior Leica engineering…), while the second film was partly destroyed after opening the camera before rewinding the […]

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