Barcelona Nights I

The first of two sets of night-time street images taken in Barcelona shot on high-ISO film. The intention was to capture something of the night-time in Barcelona with a vintage-look. Away from the main streets it can be very dark in Barcelona.


All images taken with the Leica M7 and Zeiss ZM 1,5/50 with Ilford Delta 3200 metered at EI1600 and processed in ID-11. The lens was shot wide-open, partly because shutter speed was a problem even at EI1600, but mostly because I really like the glow around the lightbulbs…


    • Thanks – although I am still not sure about the grain level of Delta 3200. This is actually the penultimate roll, after which I intend to switch to pushed Delta 400 for nighttime shots, which has less grain but also worse (shadow) tonality. The main advantage of the Delta 400 is that I can use one black and white film for everything…

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