Nova Icaria

Nova Icaria, Barcelona

The beach at Nova Icaria, Barcelona. All those tracks are from the heavy machinery that is brought out at dawn to stop the beach disappearing.

Leica M7 with Zeiss 2/35 and Ilford HP5+.


  1. What happens if Government cannot fix it? The world is heading for Economic Collapse and War in presently in the backdrop and preparing for a World War. What we are seeing now is simply a foreshadow of the drums of war, while our governments smile and kiss babies and swap lies laced in deceit. Government cannot help and if they do the bidding of the give me crowd and this must be fixed or else and then Government does what they the worriers want and goes further in debt and then proof it all falls down like a house of cards. Yes, something like Alice in Wonderland and did not Shakespeare say that the World was a stage and we are all actors playing our parts. I know I have probably paraphrased here though hope you get the drift.

    I am a poet and a writer and not a political analyst though that is what my wished for me.

    Thanks for the mental shift from what I usually do.


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