Ilford SFX200 Infrared Sensitive Film

Four People on a Mountain, Il Giumello, Italy

Some shots from a test roll of Ilford SFX200. This is a specialised black and white film with extended infrared sensitivity. The film is interesting in that it can be used to shoot fairly conventional images, while use of red and infrared filters can produce very exaggerated effects on sky and foliage. The above image was shot in daylight with a dark-red filter. The sky and foliage (both foreground and on the distant mountains) have come out very dark compared to the people and stoney path that they are sitting alongside. I […]

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Gran Teatre del Liceu, Barcelona

A section of ceiling from the Liceu Opera House, Barcelona

A picture of part of the ceiling in the Barcelona’s opera house, the Gran Teatre del Liceu. The theatre was rebuilt in the late 1990’s following a fire that destroyed the original structure. The style is a kind of post-modern baroque in deep red and gold. I always half expect (or perhaps hope for) the orchestra to lead with the Muppet theme tune, or spot spider-man swinging from the roof. This was taken at an excellent  performance of Norma in February. While the choice of production is often a little too traditional […]

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Sofia I

Photograph of Sofia, Bulgaria., taken with the Leica M7, Zeiss 2/35 and Ilford HP5+.

While running around to try to repair the camera, I have been catching up with the scanning and processing of some sets of photographs taken at the end of last year. This is the first of a short sequence of black-and-white film (HP5+) images, taken just before Christmas in Sofia, Bulgaria. This was a working trip, and something of a disaster photographically. One mis-loaded film meant loosing most of a day of images (grumble grumble superior Leica engineering…), while the second film was partly destroyed after opening the camera before rewinding the […]

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