An old mill (?) which has been restored and converted to apartments in Margno, Italy. It is a beautiful setting, but it reflects the sad trend where in Europe almost seemingly every change is towards property investment, tourism and upmarket coffee shops. Leica M7 with ZM 1,4/35 and yellow filter on Ilford Delta 100 developed in DD-X 1+4 at 24c, with noticeably less grain than the previous HP5+ images.

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If a tree falls…

If a tree falls…?. The first of a new sequence of black-and-white film images, and also a new posting format with daily film shots combined with a longer pieces at the weekend. Taken with the Leica M7 with ZM 1,4/35 and yellow filter on HP5+ developed in HC-110 1+63 at a rather too hot ambient temperature of 27c. While I like the tree, for these images I am not a great fan of the grain that I am getting with this combination of HP5+, developer and temperature. Unfortunately, it is not easy […]

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Gone Hiking…

These were some of the areas that we hiked through to take the photographs in Catholic Imagery from the Italian Alps. Most of these were taken in the stunningly beautiful Val Codera, close to the Italian-Swiss border. A welcome antidote to the current chaos and pollution in Barcelona.

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Light reflecting on water, Lago di Como, Italy. Leica M7, Zieiss C-Sonnar ZM 1.5/50, Ilford Delta 100

Landscape (lakescape?), shot on Lago di Como, Italy. The ghostly halos around the reflections are the rendering from the Zeiss C-Sonnar lens, which was used here with a stack of ND filters to allow it to be used nearly wide open while not burning a hole in the M7’s shutter curtain… Shot on Delta 100, processed in HC110 at box speed.

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Black and White Film Workflow with Capture One

Lake Silvaplana, Switzerland. Leica M7, Zeiss ZM 2/35 and Ilford Delta 100.

I finally figured out a workflow that allows me to scan and then process black-and-white images with reasonable efficiency using Capture One… The main challenge is that C1 fails to handle the 16 bit grayscale TIFF images that the scanner produces, necessitating a conversion to a 16 bit colour TIFF file before the imported images can be edited. The trick is to use ZIP compression, which leaves the file sizes virtually unchanged. As a result, my film processing workflow currently looks something like this:

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The Naked Mountain

The swiss alps, between Silvaplana and St Moritz. In winter this are would usually be full of skiers, but in summer the ski-lifts provide a quick (if expensive) start to a hike in the mountains. Although the mountains are rather barren, if you time the trip well there are usually many photogenic flowers to explore – and maybe the odd naked hiker, if that thing is still allowed near St Moritz. Leica M7 with Zeiss ZM 2/35 and  Ilford Delta 100 , processed in HC110 Dilution H (1+63 from concentrate) for 7:30 […]

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Water-taxi on Lago di Como, running from Varenna to Belaggio, Italy.

One of the numerous water-taxis, running between Varenna and Belaggio on Lago di Como, Italy. This is a composite of two digital images, processed to give a more film-like look (the lack of dust and fluff should give this away!). Although shot from the same location, the background sky and boat did not in reality appear at the same time. Back to real film and a slower pace tomorrow…

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