A quick look at the Zenit Horizon 202 clockwork panorama camera, which is unusual in that it uses a lens placed in a rotating drum to create ultra-wide-angle images with a  2.4:1 aspect ration on 35mm film. If this sounds weird, it is – and It is probably easier to show the camera in a short video than to describe it:

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Photokina 2018

Photokina is Europe’s largest trade show centred around traditional still-image photography and a photographic gear-lovers paradise. Surprisingly, I have never been to any photographic equipment fair before, so when the opportunity came up to go to Köln this year it was hard to pass up. This is what I found…

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Review: The Leica M7

This is an incredibly late review for the Leica M7, which was released in 2002. Mine is an early version bought second-hand, and I have used it extensively for the last two years over which time I have shoot an average of about one film per week and traveled with it in Europe and the Americas.

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Lomography Belair x 6-12

I am gradually working through the stock of unusual film cameras here, today arriving at the Lomography Belair X 6-12 “City Slicker”. This is a contemporary medium format camera, which on paper at least should be able to offer some amazing photographic opportunities without a huge expense. Unusually, this is a folding camera with rubber bellows and an external viewfinder, making it very much a modern version of early 120 format Kodak folding cameras.

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FED 5b: Vintage Soviet Rangefinder

FED 5b Soviet Rangfinder - Front View

  This is a short look at the FED 5b rangefinder camera. We found this one at a flea market in Barcelona, for the price of two reels of film. With some care, these cameras can be just as usable today as when they were first made 35 years ago. The Ukrainian built FED 5b was a very basic all-mechanical design, evolved over many years from a copy of an early Leica design. It uses the older Leica M39 lens mount and lacks modern frivolities such as a built-in light-meter. In form and function it is not […]

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C41 Process Black and White Photography

Harbour highways, Barcelona

These are a short series of images taken around the cruise-ship terminal in Barcelona. They were taken using a mixture of Fuji Superia 200 and Ilford XP2 Super 400 films, both using the standard C41 process. The Ilford is interesting in that it is a black-and-white dye-based film, rather than traditional silver-halide. The first two shots were taken at ISO 200 using the Fuji, scanned using Vuescan and a PlusTek 7600i, and then converted in to black and white in Lightroom. A virtual red filter was applied in post-processing to help darken the […]

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Port Vell and the Leica M7

Port Vell

Early morning shot looking towards fishing harbour taken from alongside the Maremagnum at Port Vell, Barcelona. This is one of the first pictures taken with a newly acquired Leica M7 and 35mm Zeiss Vogon Biogon lens. To ensure even less continuity, this was also the first time that I have used Kodak Ektar 100 colour negative film. Shooting with a rangefinder camera is very much a different experience to a film SLR. The rangefinder itself is very easy to use and much faster to focus accurately than the usual SLR split-screen.Using the viewfinder with […]

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New Vintage – The Minolta XD-s Analogue SLR

Abstract Person, Barcelona

In sudden burst of enthusiasm to try something slightly different, I have dusted-off the old Minolta XD-s and shot a roll of Ilford HP5. All the images here were taken using the Minolta MD 50mm f1.4 lens. There were three aims: to check if the camera light seals are still good enough (the camera is more than 30 years old…) to see if I can still figure out how to focus manually to see of the effect of the smaller camera on subjects… These images were shot in about an hour […]

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Street Photography: Different Cameras, Different Styles

Three People Looking out From Port Vell, Barcelona

This post describes the cameras that we [or at least one of us – the other is an innocent accomplice – ed] use for Street Photography and the characteristics of each. In street photography, the camera you use is at least as important for the relationship to the subject and your ability to use it fluidly and transparently as it is to image quality. Camera choice is a very personal and subjective topic, and so this is going to be a very subjective post. Currently we use three different cameras: […]

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