The Feds are Coming! FED 5b Street Images II

Cyclist in the Ciutat Vella, Barcelona. Shot with FED 5b on Ilford Delta 100.

Shooting fast moving subjects wit the FED 5b.

Rapid focusing with the Industar 61 lens is quite hard. The viewfinder on the FED is tiny, and it is easy to miss a focus error when working quickly. Even zone-focus is slow as the focusing ring has a very long movement, and there is no way to tell where the focus is set without looking at the lens (there is no ‘tab’ or similar found on some Leica mount lenses). The trick used here was just to preset the focus and wait for the subject to reach the right distance. In fact most of the images in this sequence were made by choosing the lighting and location and then waiting for a subject.

Here, even with a relatively slow ISO 100 film, there was plenty enough light both to stop the motion and to give a reasonable depth of field. I think that this was probably shot at f8 and 1/500th of a second.

Shot on Ilford Delta 100 and processed in HC110 1+63 for 9 minutes and 50 seconds at 23c.


  1. Well, in this case you/it did well enough, Lovely photo against the light, yet so much detail to be seen. I am a sucker with anything to do with cycles as I go cycling in a modest way almost every day. xx

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