The Feds are Coming! FED 5b Street Images I


Film based Street Photography in the Ciutat Vella, Barcelona. Shot with FED 5b on Ilford Delta 100.

The first of four posts with images shot with the (now repaired) FED 5b. These were all taken in or around the Ciutat Vella, early in the morning. Barcelona’s streets are fantastic for these contra-luz style images at this time of year, thanks to a combination of the low sun and the just-washed cobbled streets.

This was shot with the FED and Ilford Delta 100. I shot almost all of this sequence with the lens at f11-f16, using zone focus (which is not hard at these f-stops!) and guestimates for the shutter speed. Surprisingly, most of the images were within one stop of what I would have wanted had I remembered to take a light meter with me.

Even with zone-focusing, shooting the FED quickly was difficult. The viewfinder is very small and difficult to use quickly with glasses, although the framing seems more precise than the somewhat conservative 50mm frame-lines in the M7 (parallax notwithstanding).


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