C/Elizabets, seen from the MACBA, Barcelona

The first of a set of semi-abstract images of the Museu d’ Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA). The museum opened in 1995 and exhibits a wide range of modern artworks. The MACBA is also infamous for being rather more successful as a skateboarding destination – something which sits awkwardly with local residents and is somewhat at odds with the serene modernist architecture originally envisaged by the architect and which invites comparison with the Getty Centre in Los Angeles. But perhaps the architectural connection connection with skateboarding was there from the beginning… Leica M7 […]

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Pi d’en Xandri

The Tree at San Cugat de Vallès.

The Pi d’en Xandri, on the edge of the Collserola. The pine tree is more than 240 years old, and has become an important symbol associated with the nearby town of Sant Cugat del Vallès. Leica M7 with 21mm SEM fitted with a dark red filter and shot on Ilford Delta 100.

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Barcelona Street Art

Rabbit, Barcelona.

  Street art in the old town, Barcelona. Ilford Delta 100 shot with a dark red filter, and processed in ID-11. The scan resolution is not great, partly because I opted to scan (macro photograph) the negatives as complete frames, including the sprocket holes. While this seemed a cool thing to do at the time, I think the effect is a bit clichéd and I cropped this to match what I saw – you can see the raw scan and another from the same mural below. You can also see […]

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Circ de Raluy

Circ Històric Raluy, Port Vell, Barcelona

Painted trucks from the Circ Històric de Raluy, which is currently open at the harbour in Port Vell, Barcelona. In real life they are quite colourful, and the wagons and trucks surround the big-top defensively as if from a scene in a surreal 1950’s western. Leica M7 with 50mm f1.4 and Ilford Delta 100 processed in DD-X.

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