The Feds are Coming! FED 5b Street Images III

Noir-style street photograph in Barcelona. Shot using a FED 5b and Delta 100 film.

Another high-contrast contra-luz shot from the FED 5b. I am really happy with the way that these have come out – for a 20 euro camera that is 35 years old it is capable of some amazing images, and it is also quite pleasant to shoot with thanks to the quirky-but-solid construction and quiet-but-satisfying shutter. Another bonus is that people seem to react less to the sight of the camera, possibly because it does not look even vaguely professional.

This film was the first that I have  completely taken without a meter, using just the sunny 16 rule (ie at f16, the correct shutter speed is roughly the reciprocal of the film’s ISO rating). Although some shots were a little over or under exposed, most – including this one – came out pretty much as intended. At first I was quite nervous about this, but very quickly you forget to worry and just focus on the pictures. It is quite liberating, and I found that it made the process of taking pictures more enjoyable – like driving a manual (stick-shift) car rather than an automatic.


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