Racing Rollerskaters at the Fiesta Mayor en el Raval, Rambla del Raval, Barcelona – Motion Blurred Film Photography

Speed-skaters racing at the Fiesta Mayor en el Raval, Barcelona. Once a year the roads around the Rambla del Raval are closed to make a mini-racetrack for skating. The skaters are astonishingly quick, and faster than most cyclists along these roads. I really like the character of these deliberately unsharp images – something about the film grain seems to work very well with the blurred backgrounds and slightly abstract subjects.

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Blood on the Floor

Bloody Needle - Shooting Drugs - Barcelona

The night of Sant Joan is normally an occasion for fireworks and parties in Barcelona. However, you do not expect to get up in the morning to find that someone has been injecting drugs just outside of your door. By the time we went out the addict had gone, leaving behind the abandoned paraphernalia and a copious amount of blood on one of the lower parts of the stairs. Barcelona’s Ciutat Vella (the old town) has serious problems, ranging from pickpockets and drunken tourists at one end, to hard drugs at the other. The local […]

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