Gran Teatre del Liceu, Barcelona

A section of ceiling from the Liceu Opera House, Barcelona

A picture of part of the ceiling in the Barcelona’s opera house, the Gran Teatre del Liceu. The theatre was rebuilt in the late 1990’s following a fire that destroyed the original structure. The style is a kind of post-modern baroque in deep red and gold. I always half expect (or perhaps hope for) the orchestra to lead with the Muppet theme tune, or spot spider-man swinging from the roof.

This was taken at an excellent  performance of Norma in February. While the choice of production is often a little too traditional for my taste, they are generally of a very high standard despite often constrained budgets. The orchestra in particular is superb (lack of Muppets not withstanding).

I took a number of images, but frustratingly Fotoprix managed to badly scratch the negatives on all four films that were most recently developed. They are salvageable, but only with a lot of effort in photoshop.

The image below was one of the most easily repaired. Mouse-over (or tap-and-hold an iPad) to see the picture with and without the scratches…


Looks like I need to find somewhere else to develop film in the future…


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