Gran Teatre del Liceu, Barcelona

A section of ceiling from the Liceu Opera House, Barcelona

A picture of part of the ceiling in the Barcelona’s opera house, the Gran Teatre del Liceu. The theatre was rebuilt in the late 1990’s following a fire that destroyed the original structure. The style is a kind of post-modern baroque in deep red and gold. I always half expect (or perhaps hope for) the orchestra to lead with the Muppet theme tune, or spot spider-man swinging from the roof. This was taken at an excellent  performance of Norma in February. While the choice of production is often a little too traditional […]

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Parc de l’Estació del Nord, Barcelona

Parc de l'Estació del Nord, Barcelona

Back to Barcelona, and the park alongside the old north railway station. The station has now been recycled as a mixture of bus depot and a civic sports centre, and is flanked by a small park. The area is quite a nice example of urban regeneration. For example, the sports grounds built in to the old (and very wide) railway cutting: This is the first of a short sequence of shots taken to test out a new lens on the Leica – a Zeiss ZM 1,5/50 C-Sonnar, which I am hoping […]

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One Hundred

Sant Antoni Sunday Book Market, Barcelona

What better way to mark the 100th post here but with a photograph of people browsing the second-hand books and magazines at the Sant Antoni Sunday Book Market, Barcelona. The transition from traditional printed matter to online sources is radically transforming almost all media that we use today. In modern parlance, people no longer simply read books, they “consume content” – a change in terminology that embraces both the increasing number of different media forms and also the notion of disposable hyper-consumption. As media moves increasingly online it becomes a pick-and-choose buffet of short snacks that […]

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