A short sequence of images of the W-Hotel, near Barceloneta. These were taken using Ektar 100 with a black-and-white conversion in Lightroom (for no particular reason other than not having a fine-grained monochrome film to hand…).

The hotel is one of the most prominent landmarks on the Barcelona coast. It was controversial when being built, partly because of ecological concerns resulting from the reclaimed land – though similar concerns had not prevented the industrial-scale development of tourism along the rest of the Barcelona coastline.

As with the Hotel Arts, this is not the cheapest of accommodations. After your luxury yacht docks in nearby Port Vell, you can relax a luxury suite for a mere eleven thousand euros a night (excluding tax) and look down on the locals below -some of whom can be seen enjoying a traditional game of petanca in one of the images.

I was quite pleased with the image quality in these shots, as can be seen in the 100% crop below. The grain is minimal and the resolution appears to be limited by the scanner rather than the lens or film. I hope soon to be able to try some Ilford Delta 100 to make a comparison.

Example 100% crop from Kodak Ektar 100.

The crop was taken from part of the upper structure on this image.


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