Week 16 :: Stop

Five loosely connected images taken around the centre of Barcelona. The lead image shows an illegal protest against the “Ley Mordaza” (gagging  law) – more officially and misleadingly titled as the “Ley Orgánica de Protección de la Seguridad Ciudadana” (2015).

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Week 9 :: Passing By

Life passing by at Vallvidrera estación de ferrocarril

An odd (and technically prime) number of loosely connected images, all taken in the last week from various walks around the city of Barcelona. I am slipping the timing of these posts progressively to give a bit more margin to process the images from the last week when away from the computer as ongoing trouble here continues to drain time and ensure that good number of weekly images can not be posted at present.

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Week 7 :: Urbanity

Anti-capitalist protest, Barcelona - GR II processed in Capture One Pro 9.03

More vaguely urban railway themed images and a (sort of) selfie taken on a railway bridge. The protest image is only vaguely connected – it was of an anticapitalist assembly, which is only very loosely linked to the TMB Metro drivers’ strike this coming Monday and Wednesday. The strike coincides with the extremely non-anticapitalist MWC conference – one of the most busy and commercially important events in Barcelona. The drivers are protesting against salary freezes and ever increasing automation, such as the driverless trains seen in last week’s pictures. As before, all five images were shot […]

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Rough Night

Homeless in Plaça dels Angels, Barcelona

Plaça dels Angels, Barcelona. The square is home to both Barcelona’s main modern art museum, and possibly the largest collection of homeless people in the city. There is a seemingly endless supply of old mattresses that provide at least some comfort in the night, but the unseasonably wet and cold weather at the moment is problematic. In a curious twist on the banking crisis many homeless people are now sleeping inside the lobbies of local banks to avoid the weather. The number of homeless people in the city has increased dramatically since […]

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  September the 11th is the Diada Nacional de Catalunya – the national day of Catalunya. There is a strong push for complete separation from Spain, to create a new member state of the EU. There is a perfect storm brewing. Firstly, there is the ongoing financial crisis that means the economically prosperous Catalan region sees itself as being unjustifiably forced to subsidise the rest of the Spain. More than anything, economics (tax rises, salary cuts, lost savings and unemployment) fuels dissent. Secondly, there is the emergence of Spanish right-wing nationalism in […]

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