Water-taxi on Lago di Como, running from Varenna to Belaggio, Italy.

One of the numerous water-taxis, running between Varenna and Belaggio on Lago di Como, Italy. This is a composite of two digital images, processed to give a more film-like look (the lack of dust and fluff should give this away!). Although shot from the same location, the background sky and boat did not in reality appear at the same time. Back to real film and a slower pace tomorrow…

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Darwin and the Monkey

Metal sculpture of Darwin as a monkey, Badalona

Metal statue portraying Darwin as a monkey. This is the mascot associated with the popular ‘Anís de Mono‘ – a version of the popular mediterranean liqueur that has been distilled at the seafront in Badalona for more than a century.  The statue is gazing contentedly at a bottle of anís (shown below). I am unclear if this is intended as either statement for or against evolution. However, what it says about anís drinkers seems fairly clear!

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Sea IV: Towers

Sant Adrià de Besòs

  A view towards the old (partially dismantled) power station at Sant Adrià de Besòs, Barcelona (and by way of a minor milestone, the 200th post on this blog). The station is quite characteristic, and hopefully the towers will be preserved as a landmark. Some more images of the structures in the gallery below.  

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Sea I: Outfall

Badalona Seafront Redevelopment. Photograph by Mark Moore

Film processing times are now pushing two-weeks thanks to easter, so it is back to digital for a while and a short sequence of recent sea-side pictures from around Barcelona. This is a jetty at part of the redeveloped sea-front at Badalona, even if it does look a little like an attempt at starting a trans-mediterranean bridge… To keep some kind of consistency with the previous set these were shot with a 50m lens  and stacked NB8 and polarising filters. The composition was chosen as a crude segue from the city […]

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Barcelona: Lunar New Year

Barcelona: Chinese New Year Parade 2015

Some photographs from today’s Lunar New Year parade in Barcelona. As usual, a good mix of costumes, drums and of course dragons. Not particularly great weather for the event – cold and with occasional rain. However, people seemed to be enjoying themselves nonetheless… As with most cultural things in Barcelona, everything gets a bit mixed up, so it seems some of the gegants (giants) and people from the correfoc (fire-run) had escaped and joined the march. I can understand the correfoc’s dragons, but I have no idea how the gegants’ fish and pigeon are connected to the parade… […]

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Disseny Hub

Diseny Hub, Barcelona. Canon 5D Mark III with 50mm f1.2L

An image from the facade of the new Disseny Hub building at Glories, Barcelona. If you are wondering where that is, it is just next to this soon-to-be-hotel (warning: plinky auto-play music):   Both images taken with the Canon 5D Mark III and 50mm f1.2L. The second image is a panorama from five separate images, corrected for perspective in photoshop, and with a final image size of 50M pixels.  

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Mercat del Born

Mercat del Born, Barcelona.

  A quick snap-shot from inside the newly restored and somewhat misleadingly named Mercat del Born, Barcelona. This has just undergone a complex restoration that exposed an extensive set of medieval remains underneath the more recent market construction. Now the former market functions as a local cultural centre, with the central area is opened up to show the ruins underneath. The result is a beautiful combination of two eras of history combined with modern exhibition spaces and meeting rooms – a great example of how to do these projects well. Apologies for the lack […]

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