Sea I: Outfall

Badalona Seafront Redevelopment. Photograph by Mark Moore

Film processing times are now pushing two-weeks thanks to easter, so it is back to digital for a while and a short sequence of recent sea-side pictures from around Barcelona. This is a jetty at part of the redeveloped sea-front at Badalona, even if it does look a little like an attempt at starting a trans-mediterranean bridge…

To keep some kind of consistency with the previous set these were shot with a 50m lens  and stacked NB8 and polarising filters. The composition was chosen as a crude segue from the city sequence. The images in the sequence are cropped to 16:9 partly in the vague hope that it might give a more cinematic feel, partly to deemphasise the sky (which was not particularly exciting), but mostly because it seemed a good idea at the time.

Post-processing was in Lightroom using a custom colour calibration to get a consistent (if unrealistic) set of colours. One image in the sequence is a composite of two in Photoshop, to remove some rather pedestrian pedestrians.


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