Sun and Rain

A short set of recent street images shot on black and white film with the M7 in Barcelona.

It has been a very unsettled spring, with alternating spells of torrential rain and blazing sun. Somehow these are coordinating with the calendar to land all the worst weather at the weekend!

Shot on the Leica M7 with a mix of 35mm and 50mm lenses on Ilford Delta 400.


    • Thanks! Barcelona can be quite tricky for B&W photography. It is usually very crowded and it can be difficult to find compositions that are not very confusing – a good thing as I think that it forces you to look for images that are different from the innumerable tourist photographs taken in the city.

  1. Hey Mark, thanks for the post! I usually do my urban photography in dry weather so it’s refreshing to see a series of photos made when the weather was rubbish. In fact I’ve been thinking recently that I should try making photos in bad weather precisely because most people don’t, and that way I might get very different results.

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