Perpignan – Objets Trouves

A short collection of images from Perpignan. These are very random and very unevenly edited, and show a very partial view of the town.

These were originally intended to form part of a set of images around the theme of the recent French presidential election, as Perpignan is very much a microcosm for the issues central to the election. Unfortunately, conflicts on time meant that it was not possible to complete the necessary sequence, and the images here do not attempt to show the tension between the French middle classes, the gypsies and the Moroccan community that shape the town.

The images in this set were mostly shot with the M typ 262 with 50mm Summilux and 21mm Super Elmar lenses, and also two images were taken with the Ricoh GR.

And I have no idea why there are so many seemingly abandoned pairs of shoes on the streets of Perpignan…

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